Anyone with even the slightest experience or knowledge of the First Aid industry may understand the need of a professional first aid association that can not only represent the first aid profession but can be a representative body that its own members are proud to belong.

The birth of AoFAS was in 2018 and the following months became challenging in setting up the association.

There are three parts to the association – each being separately developed.

The first part is our Academy
and has three levels.

Aofas AcadamyLevel one is a membership to the academy knowledge base.

This is ideal for those who do not wish to join the association yet but would like to learn more about first aid and gain more knowledge.

Membership is just £1.50 per month for access to an ever-growing archive of articles and short explanations of medical aspects.

Level two of the academy is a combination of the knowledge base and a monthly self-marked quiz so that members can test their knowledge and indeed use the knowledge base to solve elements of the quiz.

This is just £2.50 per month.

Level three of the academy is for those who would like to contribute to the academy by providing their own written articles – this will be moderated and approved with full author credits being attributed to the writer. They can gain ‘academy contributor ‘status.

This is £3.50 per month and benefits include level one and two. Membership to the academy is not membership to AoFAS but a separate entity.


Membership to AoFAS

Firstly it is important to understand that membership is not an automatic process and acceptance is not guaranteed.

There are three levels.

Level one is open to individuals who are independent or self-employed as freelance first aiders (event medics) and first aid tutors.

Upon receipt of the application, we will ask potential members for proof of their current first aid qualifications. We also ask for references.

We may also ask for further proof of identity.

If for any reason a member is not accepted then their membership subscription will be refunded.

Level One membership to AoFAS. (click here)

The cost or Level One AoFAS Membership is £8.00 per month